1. Internal Market and External Trade Law

A new short seminar addressed mostly to learners following economic disciplines. It will include: a) Internal Market and External Trade, b) Customs Law, c) Trade Agreements, d) Free movement of goods, companies and services, e) Free movement of capital and  European Economic Monetary Union, f) Fiscal Policy and g)  Antitrust. The seminar will focus on the economic benefits for the individual of the internal market and the EMU.

 2. EU rights: The rights of the European Citizen

A new short seminar aiming at supporting active EU citizenship. In this respect, the course will highlight the content and the nature of the rights of the European citizen. The seminar will examine: a) citizens’ rights in historical and comparative perspective, b) EU fundamental rights protection, c) European Citizenship, d) Free movement rights, e) Consumers rights, f) Social, cultural, and economic rights, g) EU Citizen as a member of the information society, h) Case-law of the Court of Justice, i) Synergies with the Council of Europe.








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"New Dimensions on EU Legal Studies", University of Macedonia, Department of International and European Studies