Undergraduate Courses

1. Law of the European Union I: Institutions and the Citizen

The aim of the course is to analyse the Institutions of the European Union as well as their relation with the Citizen. After reviewing the steps towards European Integration up to the Lisbon Treaty we examine: a) the legal nature and the mission of the EU, b) the institutions of EU (Council, Commission, European Parliament, Court of Justice etc.), c) the acts of the institutions, d) the system of judicial protection and e) the rights of the citizens recognised by the Court of Justice in case of breach of EU law by a member state (direct effect, supremacy, indirect effect, right for compensation).

2. Law of the European Union II: Internal Market and EU Policies

The aim of the course is the analysis of the certain of EU policies and their impact in Greece. We examine: a) the customs union, b) the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital in the Single market on the basis of EU legislation as well as the case-law of the Court of Justice, c) the accompanying policies of the Single Market such as the european policy for immigration, protection of the consumers, the tax rules and transport policy.

3. International and EU law on International Transactions

"New Dimensions on EU Legal Studies", University of Macedonia, Department of International and European Studies